What is Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is a broad practice that covers many styles of traditional yoga and is becoming increasingly popular for work from home individuals. Chair Yoga can be full length flow style classes or short, specialized classes. Chair yoga contains as much diversity in style, speed and intention as any other Yoga class. In this training we are embracing these ideas so that we can provide fun, functional, safe and engaging classes for students of all levels and interests.

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Course Outline

This course is 100% Online & Self-Paced

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What Is Covered?

  • The types of Chair Yoga and who may benefit from these classes
  • Introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Accessible Yoga Philosophy and Pranayama
  • Beginner to Advanced Teaching Techniques for Seated Poses & Stretching
  • Beginner to Advanced Teaching Techniques for Standing Poses with Chair Modifications
  • Chairs, Weights, Bands and Straps in Practice
  • Advanced Practitioners and the Chair
  • Introduction to Restorative Chair Yoga
  • One On One Mentorship with the Course Creator; Emily

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Extras & Resources

  • Written Content and Visual Guides
  • Over Four Hours of Video Content to Support Reading Materials
  • Five Full Length Flow Sequences for Future Use
  • Four Full Length Restorative Sequences for Future Use
  • Final Exam to Reinforce Learning
  • One On One Support with our Certified Course Creator, Emily
  • Lifetime Access to Course and All Content
  • 20hr Certificate and Studio Reference Upon Completion

This Course is 100% Self Paced!

No Homework!

Sneak Peak: Seated Poses 101

Incorporating pranayama and breathing techniques is an excellent way to support your chair yoga students, and to help strengthen their respiratory systems. If you ever have trouble utilizing your allotted time for class you might utilize two or more of these techniques! In this section we will cover: Block Breathing, 3PT Breathing, Cyclical Breathing and Alternative Nostril Breathing...

Sneak Peak: Classic Asanas w/Chair Support

Like we have discussed in previous sections, it is always important to give students options. When cueing and demonstrating we offer the most gentle or most modified option first. This teaching technique supports students of all levels, and helps ensure your students do not hurt themselves before being offered a modification. For this class you might begin with warrior 1. You would first cue and demonstrate warrior 1 with chair support...

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